Resto and Lounge, Catering, Fine Dining Experience @ Cisangkuy 62 Bandung

Eid Mubarak 1438 H! The Sixty Two at Jl. Cisangkuy No. 62 offers you the best place for Halal Bi Halal with the best quality of food at an affordable price. Plan your Halal Bi Halal or gathering with us. Pick our room that meets your need and select our facility that you'd like to have in your event. Our Chef is delighted to cook the best meal that suits your taste pallet with great presentation and in accordance to your desired budget. Let's meet at the Sixty Two!

  • The new place at Cisangkuy 62 is Now Open! Come and experience the delicacy of all culinary types specially made by our Chef.

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  • Having trouble finding a good place for your special occasion? Look no more because The Sixty Two is here! Book Now our special rooms available for any occasion and any needs of yours.

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  • Come and Join us !

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Our Best Selection of Meat Dish, Filet Mignon Cooked by Our Chef to be Juicy and Tender

Satisfy Your Italian Tooth with Pizza Del Fungi, Suitable for Veggie Lovers

A Fusion Dessert for Your Sweet Lovers, Colenak Mille Feuile

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    The world’s a big, big stage for this notorious deli smack in the middle of the theatre district, infamously famous for its over-the-top corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, chopped liver, blintzes, celebrities, salami, smoked fish and New York’s finest cheesecake.

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    You might not find dragon meat on the menu, but you’ll find pretty much anything else that walks, swims or flies, cooked up in more ways than there are people in the Guangdong province. This Midtown mainstay has a 20-year history of delivering mouth-watering and Cantonese style chow.

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    This NYC historical landmark in the heart of the Theatre District has been serving up suds and down home pub food since 1892, surviving prohibition by renting the front of its then Rockefeller Center façade to Greek florists, while the Hurley brothers ran a speak-easy in back.

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